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Lighting is one of the factors that can affect the level of health and comfort of a home. Houses that do not exist with a good lighting system can produce dark, humid, and impressed impression. Lighting, according to the origin of the source, can be divided into two kinds. Among other natural lighting and artificial lighting. Natural lighting is the lighting that comes from sunlight, while the artificial lighting is the lighting produced from the light.

Natural lighting is considered to have advantages when compared with artificial lighting. Because vitamin D is useful to increase the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body. And can affect bone health and also teeth. The rooms that are in the house that should get a natural light that is the bathroom room, kitchen space and garden. Even the creativity and the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčincorporating natural light not only apply in the spaces mentioned above. But used for family room, reading room, and also the space of worship and even semi-private space also requires. There are a variety of transparent roofs on the market. Some are from glass, fiber etc.

The fiber roof serves as a translucent light, but the heat of the sun will not penetrate. The structure of the fiber roof is also very strong and also durable. It is also not easily broken when used to minimize the use of electricity. For roofs made of fiberglass material is often used in housing, warehousing, industrial, indoor field and also used in factories. Transparent fiber roof is more durable, durable though eaten by age. It is also resistant to brittleness, because fiber can not be fragile even though the weather changes. In use for roof coverings or various other purposes such as clading or partitioning.

Advantages of Transparent Roof FIBERGLASS:
Fiberglass roof is also a roof with the best quality and warranty that is produced by using a machine that has a high technology, automatic and also use a curing oven system. All of them produce fiberglass atab which has a high production capacity. This roof was developed specifically to be able to withstand all kinds of circumstances and weather, ultraviolet light and corrosion due to chemical vapors from the plant, as well as from other corrosive. The price of clear fiber roof is affordable.

The roof of this fiber is also made with two ingredients of choice. Among other things, namely, polymers that are specifically developed to apply the roof which contains anti UV. The fiber roof also uses E Grade Glass ex USA. Because glass is so perfect absorbs polymer resin. This is why fiber is not easily porous and has a very high mechanical strength. The roof made of fiberglass material is applied to the tropical environment. Fiberglass roof is a luxurious choice used for roof and wall house because the price of clear fiber roof is affordable.

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